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Since 2011, Nuix Proof Finder sales have raised over $250,000 USD for Room to Read. As we continue to evolve our philanthropic efforts we are happy to announce that Nuix will continue to support Room to Read, and other charities, without relying solely on the proceeds from Proof Finder. Look for future announcements regarding our next charitable projects. Here's a summary of what Nuix and Room to Read have achieved.

Schools and Libraries

Through the generous support of all our Proof Finder customers, we have helped to build schools and libraries in the following countries: 

  • Trường Thọ A Primary School, Vietnam
  • Dongsavarng Complete Primary School, Laos
  • Kornoy Complete Secondary School, Laos
  • Senaipulavu Umayal Primary, Northern Sri Lanka
  • Shree Shanti Primary School, Nepal
  • Municipal Corporation Primary School Library Mundhela Kalan, India
  • Municipal Corporation Primary School Library Ujjwa Boys, India

During each project, Room to Read staff and a local construction committee closely monitor all stages of the construction process to ensure the space is safe and well-built. Room to Read provide chairs and desks, classroom materials, and books. Room to Read also train community members on how to make minor repairs and maintain the buildings so they remain in top condition after the project ends.

room to read school in india

proof finder - school in india

room to read school in india
Local Language Publishing

One of the greatest challenges to early adoption of the habit of reading in developing countries is a lack of high-quality, age-appropriate children's books in the local language. Often, the few books that are available are either second-hand books in foreign languages or low-quality, black and white books for more mature readers. 

Room to Read committed to providing children with materials that will inspire them to read, expand their minds, and develop a lifelong love for reading and learning. To date, the Proof Finder project has funded the publishing of over 9,000 local language children's books.

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room to read - library

room to read school in india


​Girls' Education Scholarships

Room to Read supports girls so that they not only graduate, but also develop the skills they need to negotiate key life decisions. Finishing secondary school leads to smaller, healthier families, lower HIV infection rates, and higher wages. 

Educated women are more likely to educate their own children —ending the cycle of illiteracy in one generation. Room to Read scholarships provide material help in areas such as school fees, uniforms, books and transportation. Nuix sponsors girls to complete their high-school education.