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Proof Finder is an advanced investigation and eDiscovery software tool that Nuix has released as a philanthropic project.

Access powerful electronic investigation and eDiscovery capabilities for just $100 per year, with all revenue going to not-for-profit organization Room to Read.

Proof Finder is an innovative made-for-charity product that provides digital investigation and eDiscovery capabilities to the legal and law-enforcement communities. Proof Finder gives you the power to undertake small digital discovery and investigations, and quickly find evidence of issues such as fraud, inappropriate behavior and images and intellectual property leaks. 100% of proceeds go to not-for-profit organization Room to Read.

Room to Read works to build schools and increase literacy among children in Asia and Africa, with dedicated support to help girls finish high school. This program has provided better educational opportunities for more than 10 million children around the world. 

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Room to Read founder John Wood visited the Nuix office to discuss the not-for-profit software model and the importance of girls' education. 

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Thanks to Proof Finder customers, we have helped local communities to build schools and libraries in Nepal, Vietnam, Laos, Sri Lanka and India, publish local language school books in Nepal and enable girls to complete their high-school education.

But there is more to do. Over 250 million children around the world are illiterate and 61 million primary school-aged children are not in school. Most of them are in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. That’s why Proof Finder continues to support this worthy cause.

Through the generous support of our Proof Finder customers, we have achieved the following:

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“I wish I could bottle and send you the joy that exudes from the children whenever they open a new book or recognise a new word for the first time. They are on their way to becoming avid, independent readers, and I cannot wait to watch as class after class of students learns to read using the books and materials you have helped us provide. Thank you for supporting our efforts to promote literacy and bring these wonderful new resources to the communities!”

Unmesh Brahme, Country Director | Room to Read India

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About Proof Finder

Proof Finder is an advanced investigation and eDiscovery software tool that Nuix has released as a philanthropic project.

Proof Finder has the capacity to investigate up to 15 GB per case. With your $100 annual license you can undertake as many cases of up to 15 GB per case as you like for one year.

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“Proof Finder has Nuix’s superior DNA, but is limited to processing up to 15GB per matter. That’s a minor handicap considering you can open as many 'matters' as you wish, and 15GB tends to be ample for, say, the collections of several key custodians.”

Craig Ball, Attorney and Forensic Technologist, Certified Computer Forensic Examiner


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Proof Finder Gives You The Power To
  • Index and find the data that other technologies can’t in mobile devices, hard drives, forensic images, file shares, Microsoft Outlook, IBM (Lotus) Notes and complex storage systems
  • Search and analyze data with power and precision
  • Set and maintain a winning case strategy by finding key deciding documents 
  • Forensically analyze disk images, including deleted files, unallocated space, the Windows Registry and hex viewer
  • Discover the content and context of digital evidence 
  • Extract and cross-reference intelligence items, revealing hidden connections across data sources and investigations