Read the FAQs

Before emailing Support, please ensure that the question you are asking is not covered in our Frequently Asked Questions first.

Join the Proof Finder Community

The Proof Finder Community forum is a meeting place for Proof Finder customers to share ideas, best practices, and to get expert advice from Nuix staff. Once you have purchased a license, you can request membership to the Proof Finder Community Forum. Get signed up and get posting!

Nuix Customer Portal

Once you have purchased your Proof Finder license you can access help at our Customer Portal. Our Customer Portal includes basic setup, best practices and simple workflows. 

You will be issued with a Customer Portal URL, username and password with your Proof Finder license key. 

Log a Support Request

Can't find the answer in the FAQs section? Please contact and we will assist you within 24-48 hours. If your enquiry is regarding any particular processing issue, please include a set of diagnostics created from within Proof Finder, as well as a brief description of the task you were doing so we can provide an appropriate solution.