Download, Install, Purchase and Activate Proof Finder

By downloading and purchasing Proof Finder you will be helping educate children in developing countries. Nuix will donate 100% of your $100 purchase price to Room To Read.

System Requirements

Before downloading and buying this software please ensure your hardware meets the minimum Proof Finder system requirements:

  • Minimum 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • Windows Server 2008, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (64-Bit supported only). Windows must be activated prior to running Proof Finder.
  • Minimum 150 GB Hard Disk Space
  • If processing IBM (Lotus) Notes, an IBM Notes client is required

Click here for full system requirements and benchmarks.


Download the 64-Bit version of the Proof Finder software that is appropriate to your operating system below. Save this file to your local drive.

Proof Finder for Windows

Proof Finder for Mac OS

Proof Finder for Debian based Linux

Proof Finder for Red Hat based Linux


  • Before downloading, read our 'Getting Started' FAQs
  • To install, double-click the saved .msi file and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • On first use, Proof Finder displays a dialog to purchase a license.


Important note:

Please ensure that the computer you begin the purchasing process from is the computer you intend to use the software on permanently. Proof Finder will be locked to this computer at this stage and cannot be transferred.

If your company requires someone else to purchase the software, you can copy the URL provided from the Purchase dialog and email it to the purchaser. They can complete the purchase, ensuring that your contact details are supplied. You will then be emailed your license and other appropriate information.


Click Purchase. If you choose not to purchase at this stage, the Proof Finder software will not be installed.

If your computer is not connected to the Internet, you can copy and paste the unique URL provided into a browser on a different computer to purchase your license.

Follow the Proof Finder purchasing instructions on-screen to purchase Proof Finder and generate your license key.

Important note:

Please ensure that you use a valid and correct email address in the purchasing process. This is the address your Proof Finder license key will be emailed to.

Once your payment is processed, your Proof Finder license key will be emailed to you.

Copy and paste the license key into the 'Enter License' dialog in Proof Finder to activate your software. 

Click here to read the full Proof Finder License Terms and Conditions.

Important note:

The license is tied to the computer and operating system and not only is transferring to another computer not allowed (virtual or not), but substantial hardware changes to the computer or operating system may also invalidate the license.