Getting Started

Hints that are likely to save you a lot of time

  • If you are having problems downloading Proof Finder, please try another browser. Proof Finder has been tested on dozens of different versions and types of browsers, but occasionally Internet Explorer will have a problem while Firefox will work fine (or visa versa).
  • When initially installing Proof Finder you will see a screen which talks about Dependencies. These are additional software requirements that Proof Finder will check to see if you have installed. (For a full list of additional software, see System Requirements). If Proof Finder detects you do not have a piece of dependent software installed, you will need to click on every highlighted Dependency, one after another, and select the box saying that you understand the Dependency is missing.
  • Many people will initially try to index their own PST file to get a feeling for how Proof Finder works. You will need to CLOSE Microsoft Outlook for this to work. When Outlook is open, it locks the file and Proof Finder cannot process its content. Alternatively, here are some test PST data sets you can download and practice on. You could choose a small PST file from this data for your first test.
  • Processing (i.e. indexing) is resource intensive. If your computer is old or lacks resources, please consider NOT selecting:
    • Enable exact queries
    • Extract named entities
    • Store binary of data item
    • Enable audit size
    • Extract from slack space of mailboxes

      These are the most resource-intensive indexing functions. If you do want to include these functions please allow for additional time. As a rule of thumb, depending on the actual data, each of these settings may increase processing time by 5-20%, while extracting from slack space can add considerably to processing time for some data sets.
  • When initially testing Proof Finder, use a small data set (maybe just a folder or two in your own PST file - see point 3 above). This will give you more time to understand how Proof Finder works rather than watching the processing screen (which is not exciting at all).
  • As mentioned above, processing is resource intensive. It is unlikely that you will be able to use your computer for other activities while processing is underway.

My Proof Finder license is not activating my software. What do I do?

We have noticed some people having issues once they receive their Proof Finder license key and they attempt to activate their software.

We believe this to be issues with different mail systems removing parts of our email. When you paste your key into the registration window please double check that it has the following format:

  • Ensure you are copying and pasting the whole key including -----BEGIN LICENCE----- and -----END LICENCE----- .  Please note that there are 5 dashes at the start of these lines.
  • There is a blank line between the PFNXAxxxx number and the first line of the license key text: For example,


Key: PFNXA0001









-----END LICENCE-----

If you have chosen to run Proof Finder on a Virtual Machine, please ensure you read our FAQ below entitled Can I install Proof Finder on a Virtual Machine?

If you still experience issues with activating your software using your emailed Proof Finder license key, please email

Important note:

The license is tied to the computer and operating system and not only is transferring to another computer not allowed (virtual or not), but substantial hardware changes to the computer or operating system may also invalidate the license.

What does 15 GB look like?

We expect 15 GB of "on disk" data, as defined at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), will look similar to the breakdown shown here. This was created from 15 GB (size on disk) of PST mail stores from the publicly-available data set from the Enron collapse.

Sample breakdown

Email: 303,370

Calendar: 24

Documents: 25,678

Spreadsheets: 8,796

Presentations: 2,460

Drawings: 134

Other documents: 394

Images: 4,632

System files: 5,792

Please be aware that collected data from different sources may yield varying results due to:

  • Compression applied to files to maximize their storage on disc. This can be from various "zipping" programs which can compress material in a folder. With a data sample that contains loose files, you can identify items that might be "zipped" using a simple Windows search on file extensions such as .zip, .tar, .cab. (See Supported File Types)
  • Compression by the Mail Store/Archiving application being used. This can vary dramatically from product to product.  Archiving applications for mail that produce common formats like Personal Storage Tables (PST) can vary both the construction of the mail container as well as the compression on how items such as attachments are stored.

What happens if a user goes over the 15 GB file size?

Proof Finder will not work on file sizes above 15 GB. When the case size limit is reached, Proof Finder displays a message on the screen, which will indicate that the user has exceeded the threshold and will not be able to open the case.

If your data is larger than 15 GB you can either break the data down into smaller (sub-15 GB) chunks for processing, or contact Nuix to discuss your requirements with a Nuix Sales representative.

How many cores is Proof Finder licensed for?

Proof Finder is a basic dual-core license.

Can purchasers try before they buy?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to trial the software before purchasing it. We believe that $100 is an incredible price for such a powerful tool. Proof Finder is a philanthropic product and every dollar of your license fee goes to Room to Read.

Does the product come with a dongle?

No, once a purchaser has downloaded Proof Finder and paid for it, a license key will be automatically generated through our system and emailed to you. This license key is connected with the computer you will use Proof Finder on. The license is not transferable to another computer or another user. Please note that substantial hardware changes to the computer or operating system may also invalidate the license.

How do I get upgrades?

Nuix is constantly upgrading its software and Proof Finder customers may want to upgrade to the latest release.

In the same email we send to you with your Proof Finder License Key, we will include the URL of our Customer Portal, as well as a unique username and password. Upgrades can be downloaded and installed in minutes.

Please advise us via email if you wish to be notified when a new release is available.

I haven't been emailed my license key after purchase. What do I do?

Your Proof Finder license key should be emailed to you within 30 minutes of purchase to the email address you supplied. Please check your spam filter in your email program in the first instance if your email fails to arrive. 

To allow for Internet issues beyond normal business control, if your key does not arrive, please allow up to 3 hours to pass and then email outlining the details you used for purchasing Proof Finder, including the name, company name and email address used.

What happens if I change my system clock?

Proof Finder is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. If your machine's system clock is turned backwards prior to the time you last logged in during this 12-month period, you will receive an error message telling you that your license is not valid.

This is part of the security features of Proof Finder. The license will rectify itself once the current time on the machine is changed to be later than the last time you logged in. This security feature cannot be released by support technicians so it is best avoided if possible.

What if my computer that has Proof Finder installed fails during my license period?

As this is a charity initiative, should your machine fail or be reassigned, your license will no longer be valid as it is only issued to that machine. It is advisable that this situation is planned for as much as possible.

How do I create a set of system diagnostics to provide to technical support?

To create System Diagnostics within Proof Finder, click Help > System Diagnostics and save the .zip file created.

This should be performed while the issue is occurring. For example, diagnostics can be collected while ingesting data, or immediately after a task, after exporting for example.

These logs tell Support what was happening in Proof Finder at the time the issue occurred, as well as some limited information regarding the current environment in which Proof Finder is running.

Should your diagnostics .zip file exceed the maximum limit your mail server will allow you to email, please email and we can provide a secure location to upload the logs.

Can I install Proof Finder on a Virtual Machine?

Proof Finder can be installed and used on a virtual machine (VM) as long as the configuration of the VM is static during the license period of Proof Finder. By ensuring your VM is configured as desired with cores and memory prior to installing Proof Finder it will ensure that there is no change in machine ID which will invalidate your Proof Finder license.

Please note that we have found that even reverting back to previous settings on a Virtual Machine will generate a completely new machine ID for the VM which will still not be valid with your original license of Proof Finder. A validation of a Windows license may change the machine ID after validation so it is advised that this is done prior to installing Proof Finder.

Important note:

The license is tied to the computer and operating system and not only is transferring to another computer not allowed (virtual or not), but substantial hardware changes to the computer or operating system may also invalidate the license.