This is a wonderfully useful piece of software that is going to form an important part of my computer forensic and eDiscovery toolkit. At only a $100 per year too it represents truly amazing value for money – even more so when you take into account all proceeds go to charity. If you’ve not bought it as yet, do so and do so soon.

Jonathan Krause | Forensic Control

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“Proof Finder has Nuix’s superior DNA, but is limited to processing up to 15 gigabytes per matter.  That’s a minor handicap considering you can open as many “matters” as you wish, and 15GB tends to be ample for, say, the collections of several key custodians.”

Craig Ball, Attorney and Forensic Technologist, Certified Computer Forensic Examiner

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...Having been around this block a time or two before, I feel comfortable saying that if you need — or even just want to become familiar with — ediscovery review software, you will likely find Proof Finder well worth the $100 cost of entry. TechnoScore 4.8/5.0

Yvonne M. Renfrew. Full review posted on

eDiscovery software provider Nuix has come up with an imaginative plan which simultaneously provides lawyers and others with hands-on opportunities to develop technical eDiscovery skills and helps increase literacy skills to children in developing countries....To help children to read whilst giving yourself a new set of skills is not something to be missed.

Chris Dale | The eDisclosure Information Project

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​We have long been fans of Nuix and while Proof Finder is limited to 10 GB of expanded data and doesn't have all of the export functions and review tools of the full-fledged Nuix product, it is an absolutely marvelous tool at an unbeatable price point... So we doff our caps to Nuix for this extraordinary tool which even attorneys can master in moments.

Sharon D. Nelson Esq. | Sensei Enterprises

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Nuix is pretty amazing. I have Proofinder installed on 2 machines and use it in every investigation. It outperforms other forensic solutions and is unbeatable for use in cases involving email analysis and document integrity review.

Alistair Ewing | Compute Forensics

Proof Finder testimonial


We give a license for Proof Finder at Commencement to each graduate of our E-Discovery Project Manager Certificate program. Nuix is an integral part of our boots-on-the-ground eDiscovery education. We start our students on day one with Nuix to overcome 'dataphobia' and to allow them to work with a powerful, yet visual and transparent eDiscovery tool. After graduation we want our graduates to have Proof Finder in their eDiscovery tool kit to continue to apply the skills they have learned.”

William F. Hamilton, Dean and Chairman of the Department of E-Discovery | Bryan University
This seemed to be an offer that could not be refused. Only $100, a charitable donation, and a neat processing tool, how could you pass this up? Thanks for making this available to the litigation support community!

Rob Szymanski | Document Technologies, Inc


[The Proof Finder] facility for capturing web-based email alone is worth the money.

Ryan Johnson, Senior Forensic Consultant | Forward Discovery Inc and Digital Forensics Certification Board

You may not do an Exchange Email client every day, or break down a PST file, but when you do, you will be GLAD you purchased this tool.

Cpl. Robert J. Pearson | Pennsylvania State Police, BCI Computer Crime Unit 

I actively support all forms of Positive Discrimination in education of literacy in the electronic age. The facility to learn to read and write is a universal human right, as is the ability to communicate electronically. Justice now requires all lawyers, including judges, to understand how to find the key contemporaneous electronic evidence that will reliably determine any factual dispute in any case. This collaborative, imaginative initiative by Room to Read and Nuix will advance the cause of women’s education generally and in the sphere of justice, thereby greatly enhancing their rightful status.

The Honourable Judge Simon Brown QC | Birmingham Civil Justice Centre