Proof Finder FAQs

What is Proof Finder?

In December 2011, Nuix released a software product called Proof Finder. It is a philanthropic venture to raise money for a fabulous and worthwhile not-for-profit organization, Room to Read. Our original aim was to raise $100,000 by giving individuals and companies the chance to access the power of Nuix for a fraction of the normal price, with 100% of their payment going to this charity.

To date, Nuix has raised over US$250,000 for Room to Read, which has resulted in new school buildings being built in Nepal, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Laos and libraries in India, the publication of over 9,000 local language books in Nepal and funds allocated to help girls complete their high-school education.

Proof Finder is a limited version of Nuix’s desktop investigation software that allows individual users to undertake any number of small cases (up to 15 GB) for a token price of $100/year. The vast majority of cases undertaken by law enforcement officers, government officials, lawyers, HR managers, and in-house investigators are quite small and this product would be an ideal solution for them. Proof Finder enables individual users with small cases to get the benefits of Nuix’s advanced eDiscovery and electronic investigation software for a fraction of the cost.

Download our fact sheet to learn more about Proof Finder.

Why are you selling Proof Finder for $100 per year, when your other products start in the thousands?

Proof Finder is a philanthropic software offering which enables Nuix to give back to both the legal and investigation community and also to help children in the developing world. As a successful global business, we believe we have a responsibility to do this.

With Proof Finder, investigators and lawyers all over the world have the chance to buy the most advanced electronic discovery and investigative technology to help them solve their puzzles and crimes. Even though the size of their investigations might be small in terms of Nuix’s normal application, it can still be incredibly difficult to find evidence without good eDiscovery and electronic investigation technology. Lawyers and investigators will be able to quickly find proof regarding a range of issues, including fraud, inappropriate behavior and images, child abuse, and intellectual property leaks.

Because of our position of having created such advanced eDiscovery and electronic investigation software, we have an opportunity to help real people with real problems that would never be solved without the application of technology. We have priced Proof Finder at just $100 per year to remove the barriers for this community.

And at the same time, every Proof Finder license sold raises much needed funds for Room to Read. For every license sold, we give 100% of the purchase price to Room to Read.

Room to Read is a not-for-profit organization that helps improve education in the developing world by establishing libraries and schools, publishing local language books, sponsoring the education of girls, organizing reading programs, and more.

How does Proof Finder compare to other Nuix solutions?

While Proof Finder does not have the same processing power of Nuix's enterprise offerings, it processes data at between 2-6 GB per hour, depending on the user’s hardware configuration and has significant search capability. This processing speed is still an order of magnitude faster than most forensic investigation toolsets that are sold for many thousands of dollars, while also providing Nuix's unparalleled ability to search text, metadata images, deleted and encrypted data as well as files which have been modified to hide their identity.

Proof Finder has many of the same search and analysis capabilities as any Nuix eDiscovery and electronic investigation solution. It can interact with all the various email and forensic formats and exports into native files. Proof Finder has a limit of 15 GB of expanded file data that it can investigate per case, but it can be used across any number of cases per year. The vast majority of cases around the world come under this limit so it is an ideal desktop tool for an individual investigator or lawyer working on many small cases.

What will Nuix do with the $100?

Nuix donates 100% of the payment for every Proof Finder license sold to Room to Read. Nuix absorbs all of the transaction costs incurred in processing the payment as well as support, training and administration costs.

Rather than distributing small amounts of money to a number of organizations, Nuix has chosen to support a single non-profit organization which is profoundly changing the world by educating children.

Over 10 million children have benefitted from Room to Read’s programs.

Do I have to be a computer forensics examiner to use Proof Finder?

No. Many people from all professions need the ability to investigate data in an environment that protects the data being investigated. Proof Finder protects your data while you search and review it.

What are the key features and benefits of Proof Finder?

Proof Finder provides powerful, easy-to-use workflows to help you make sense of data faster, even with the largest and most complex eDiscovery and investigation tasks. Our advanced searching and analytical tools give you rapid insights into the evidence, so you can drive strategy, make informed decisions and save time and money.

Deep forensic analysis: Proof Finder includes all the capabilities required for in-depth forensic analysis of disk images, including recovering deleted files, carving unallocated space and unidentified data items, fully indexing and navigating Windows Registry files and a hex viewer to analyze files and file fragments.

New features for Proof Finder 6.2: The latest version of Proof Finder includes support for Cellebrite and Micro Systemation XRY mobile device images; Android device call, voicemail and message databases; Autonomy IDOL IDX files; and deeper metadata extraction from Linux and Mac OS file systems. 

Other new features include:

  • Search and tag
  • Configuration profiles
  • Email threading
  • Map view

What is not included in Proof Finder?

What is NOT included: 

  • Any license 2 cores and over
  • Nuix Workstation
  • Nuix Enterprise Discovery
  • Nuix Supercomputer
  • Nuix eDiscovery Pod
  • Nuix Legal Hold
  • Nuix Integrated Review
  • Nuix Desktop Investigator
  • Nuix Workstation Investigator
  • Nuix Enterprise Investigator
  • Nuix Investigator Pod
  • Nuix Luminate Platform
  • Nuix Defensible Deletion
  • Nuix Archive Search
  • Nuix Intelligent Migration
  • Nuix Enterprise Collection Center
  • Nuix Network Collector
  • Nuix SharePoint Collector
  • Nuix Collector Portable
  • Nuix Incident Response
  • Nuix Sensitive Data Finder
  • Nuix Web Review & Analytics

What are the key benefits for people doing eDiscovery?

Proof Finder is a powerful and intuitive solution for eDiscovery processing, investigation, analysis, review and production. It enables you to rapidly find and act on critical evidence for litigation, compliance and regulatory matters, while minimizing costs.

Finds more data, faster: Proof Finder uncovers the key evidence faster and more comprehensively than any other technology. We help you find the custodians, communication threads, documents, and metadata that will decide the case and quickly get to the heart of the matter. Lawyers, analysts, and investigators with minimal training can start using Proof Finder in minutes to find relevant evidence.

Make an informed case assessment: In the same time it takes your opponents to evaluate the quantity and make-up of their data, Proof Finder enables you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case. You can set the best case strategy at the outset and maintain a leading edge throughout litigation.

Simplify complex data sets: Proof Finder rapidly and directly indexes complex data sets such as Microsoft Outlook PST and OST files and IBM (Lotus) Notes. We have an unmatched reputation for processing and searching the most complex data sets so you can unlock critical evidence.

What are the key benefits for people doing investigations?

Proof Finder offers all the capabilities you need to triage, process, analyze and bring to the surface critical evidence across complex data sets. Our technology automatically identifies intelligence such as email and IP addresses and phone, social security and credit card numbers.

Content-based forensic triage: Investigators can use multiple data management, analytical and forensic techniques to focus on the most critical sources until the key evidence emerges. Nuix has the only technology currently available that can manage this entire process.

Investigate all sources at once: Proof Finder can extract data from hard drives, smartphones, tablets and memory cards, as well as cloud services such as Hotmail and Gmail accounts, and corporate repositories such as email servers, email archives, collaboration systems, and file shares.

Extract and correlate intelligence: Proof Finder automatically extracts and cross-references intelligence items such as names, companies, sums of money, email addresses, IP addresses and identity, phone and credit card numbers. This can reveal connections across multiple data sources and investigations.

Would any of your existing customers be able to substitute Proof Finder for their existing Nuix solution?

Proof Finder is not a replacement for Nuix as it doesn’t have anything like the speed, power, scale, review or export capabilities. However, it is a perfect solution for individuals who need to undertake small (sub 15 GB) investigations and it could also be used to expand the number of people in an organization who use Nuix, simply by keeping the quantum of data that needs to be reviewed to under 15 GB and utilizing Nuix Enterprise's "sub-case export" functionality.

What products does this compete with in the marketplace?

Nuix is not trying to compete with anyone in the market for this product. The small case/individual lawyer and investigator community is a group which is underserviced and mostly ignored by the commercial marketplace. This is largely because they are hard to identify and in general they have significant budget limitations for technology.

Also, if they are individuals within large companies or government departments, the sales cycles take so long that it is difficult to justify the effort. Nuix thinks there is a need for this kind of desktop software to enable organizations to resolve electronic investigations quickly and efficiently. And we are proud to be able to provide this tool, with 100% of the proceeds going to a worthwhile organization that is educating children in developing countries.

Why are you giving all of the proceeds to a not-for-profit organization?

Because we can. Nuix has hundreds of customers in over 35 countries, many of whom are large and successful public and private organizations. It is very important to the management and employees of Nuix that we find ways to care for the communities in which we exist and also to find ways to make the world a better and smarter place – to play our part in changing lives for the better. Proof Finder gives us the chance to do both, and we are both passionate and proud of the product and what it has achieved since we launched in December 2011.

Is this a hidden introductory price offer?

No! Proof Finder is just $100/year and we are committed to a $100 price point for the foreseeable future. We are also committed to this being a product that raises money for charity.

Anyone who purchases Proof Finder (or who has purchased in the past) will be able to repurchase Proof Finder for $100 when their 12 month license expires.

Example: I am an investigator or HR Manager in a larger company. Is Proof Finder right for me?

If the quantities of data you are investigating are under 15 GB and the evidence is in the data set, you will be able to find what you are looking for with Proof Finder quickly and easily.

If you have larger cases greater than 15 GB, you should speak to a Nuix expert to help you define your requirements. 

What happens if a company wants to purchase a large number of Proof Finder licenses for their staff to use?

Companies with large Proof Finder requirements should contact Nuix at A Nuix consultant can review the request and assist to make the most efficient purchase and licensing arrangements for your company.

Who uses Nuix software?

Nuix protects, informs, and empowers society in the knowledge age. Leading organizations around the world turn to Nuix when they need fast, accurate answers for investigation, cybersecurity incident response, insider threats, litigation, regulation, privacy, risk management, and other essential challenges.

Nuix customers include the world’s leading advisory firms, litigation support providers, enterprises, government departments, law enforcement agencies and all of the world’s major corporate regulatory bodies.

Does the purchase of Proof Finder include a tax deductive donation receipt since the proceeds are going to charity?

Unfortunately not. The reason is that people are actually purchasing the license and Nuix is making the $100 charitable donation on their behalf. 

What is the Proof Finder license?

  • An annual license for Proof Finder software
  • Includes 12 months support, maintenance and upgrades
  • Acceptable for commercial use by a single user of a single computer
  • Supports 15 GB cases only; you cannot combine multiple cases over 15 GB

Please note:

  • Proof Finder is or licensed and locked to your computer and operating system, so if you change your computer, you will need to repurchase Proof Finder
  • Substantial hardware changes to the computer or operating system may invalidate the license
  • Changing the time clock on your computer will invalidate the license

What happens after one year?

Proof Finder will stop working after 12 months when the license expires.

To continue using the software, receiving software updates, and having access to technical support, you will need to repurchase the license for $100. The software has an inbuilt reminder mechanism that will alert you of pending expiry, plus the license holder will be contacted by email prior to the expiration of the software to remind them. 

Can you give me some use cases for when Proof Finder would be useful?

Law enforcement: An ever increasing number of cases revolve around data that has been seized through the collection or forensic imaging of laptops and hard drives. Law enforcement members are particularly burdened with email investigations. Proof Finder provides a simple way for users and investigators to interact with individual people’s files very quickly, through a simple yet powerful user interface.

Lawyers: Proof Finder gives lawyers the ability to interact with their clients’ data on their desktop. A client may come in and hand over their case data, and within a matter of an hour or two, using Proof Finder, the lawyer can undertake an initial early case assessment. Proof Finder enables a lawyer to become intimate with the case and case data in the shortest possible time. This includes not just the text, but also the metadata, which often identifies what is true from what is false. It is a great way for lawyers to start to get used to eDiscovery technology as a powerful and strategic tool in their legal strategy.

In a Deposition: Where the person being deposed is using internet mail, Proof Finder allows for the web based mail account to be harvested on the spot, by connecting to the internet and downloading the Gmail/yahoo/Hotmail data. All of the mail can be processed and made searchable in minutes. This has recently been used very successfully in employee disputes.

Company investigation: Whether the smallest or largest company, if you need to investigate one or two PST (email) files along with some electronic documentation for any number of issues (pornography, intellectual property leaks, fraud, inappropriate behavior) – Proof Finder will enable you to find the evidence if it exists in the data set.

Can Proof Finder decrypt encrypted files?

Proof Finder can find and identify encrypted documents and often extract metadata but is not able to decrypt encrypted files.

Can I open Proof Finder cases with other Nuix licenses?

You will not be able to open Proof Finder cases with any other Nuix license.