EXCEPT FOR THOSE TERMS SET FORTH BELOW, YOUR PURCHASE OF THE PROOF FINDER LICENSE DETAILED HEREIN SHALL BE SUBJECT TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF NUIX’S STANDARD END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT, WHICH CAN BE FOUND ON HTTP://WWW.NUIX.COM/LEGAL OR AVAILABLE ON REQUEST.  No act or omission of Nuix shall constitute a waiver of this requirement.  For the avoidance of doubt, any terms and conditions on any submitted purchase orders or any other documentation provided to Nuix shall be null and void, unless otherwise agreed between the parties (such agreement to be in writing and executed by both parties).

License Type: Proof Finder.

Number of Permitted Installations: 1 single instance on a single computer and non- transferable between computers or Users.

Reconfiguring the time settings on your computer will invalidate the license. The license is tied to the computer and operating system and not only is transferring to another computer not allowed (virtual or not), but substantial hardware changes to the computer or operating system may also invalidate the license. Running more than one Proof Finder license on the same machine is not supported.

Term of Usage: 12 Months from date of purchase.

Price: $100.00 USD

Processing Size: Dual Core Processor.

Data Set / Limit: No limit on the number of cases processed however the total cumulative expanded data is limited to 10 GB.

Support:  Support is limited to access to self-service knowledge base (https://www.nuix.com/community) and standard Nuix documentation (as available on https://www.nuix.com/nuix-portals). Standard Nuix support per the EULA is not available.

Renewal of Term:  Not permitted.