Repurchasing Proof Finder

Where do the proceeds from repurchasing Proof Finder go?

We are delighted to say that all the proceeds from customers who repurchase Proof Finder will continue to be donated to the non-profit organization Room to Read, to help improve education in developing countries. All the information about the software available in our Proof Finder FAQs still applies.

How do I know when my Proof Finder license is expiring?

The license holder will be emailed in the week prior to the license expiry to remind you that you will need to repurchase the software.

When you use Proof Finder, the software displays a warning message when it is due to expire. This dialog shows the exact date your license will expire. The warning dialog looks similar to the sample below:

proof finder

This is simply a reminder. As a Proof Finder customer, you do not need to do anything at this time. Once your license expires, you will be given the option to repurchase online in a similar way to when you first purchased the software.

My license has expired. How do I repurchase Proof Finder again?

When your Proof Finder license expires, the software stops working and displays a message that your license has expired, like in the example below: 

proof finder

To replace an expired license, simply click Purchase in this dialog box (please ensure you are connected to the internet).

Repurchasing Proof Finder happens in a similar way to how you originally purchased Proof Finder. Follow the instructions on the Download page for installing and purchasing a new Proof Finder license.


Note: Proof Finder recommends that you download and install the latest release of Proof Finder onto your computer before repurchasing.

If you have any difficulty with the repurchasing process, please email

I purchased Proof Finder 4 the first time around. Can I purchase that same version again?

All customers who wish to repurchase Proof Finder will be provided with the most current version of the product, regardless of which version you had previously purchased. 

Can I change the computer my Proof Finder license is installed on when I repurchase?

If you are repurchasing Proof Finder, you can change the computer on which it is installed. Since repurchasing is similar to buying a new Proof Finder license, you can install and license the software on any computer you wish. However, once you have installed and licensed the software, that license cannot be transferred to a new computer.

Please choose carefully which computer you install and license the software on, and please read the minimum system requirements for Proof Finder before choosing which computer to license.